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YouSendIt Comes Through

Yesterday, I needed to send a file of about 8MB to a client.  Unfortunately, the client used a POP3 email system that limited the size of the recipient’s inbox.  Time permitting, I could have established some sort of remote connection that allowed file transfer but time is not a luxury I seem to have lately.

YouSendIt to the rescue. (www.yousendit.com)  I simply logged into YouSendIt, entered my recipient’s email address and selected the file.  The file was uploaded to YouSendIt’s server and my client was notified that they had a download waiting.  Very fast, very simple.  The default YouSendIt options include an ad in the email notification and do not require a password.  However, they have added new options for a small per use fee that allow you to remove the ads, password protect the file or require authentication.  The file is retained on YouSendIt’s servers for seven days and, of course, attorneys will want to consider any confidentiality implications of storing it in this way.

Thanks to Tom Rowe and the folks at OTB for turning me on to this great utility.  I don’t use it all that often but it is really a life saver when you need send a file right now and normal email is not enough.

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