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Word 2007 and Vista Updates

Another Vista update last night and, once again, Word 2007 is toast.

This started about two months ago and has now happened three times.  My computer, which is left on pretty much 24/7 downloads updates over night and restarts itself.  When I login the next morning, everything seems to work fine.  I open Word 2007, type something and hit Save.  The program freezes, then restarts after trying to recover the file.  It also freezes when I try such things as creating an envelope, opening a file, etc.

Reinstalling does not help.  The only thing that works is renaming the old registry key at HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0WordData to something else and restarting Word.  While that fixes the issue, this is really becoming a hassle and, worst of all, I cannot figure out why it is happening with increasing frequency.

Blawger Survivor Update

From the Blawger Survivor contest, Laurie at Halo Secretarial writes on some of the advantages of outsourcing and about the different positions that can be outsourced.  As someone who functioned for over a year as a true “one man shop,” I have become a big fan of outsourcing.  In fact, I have recently outsourced bookkeeping, billing, a good chunk of my marketing, my call answering (starting today I hope) and my web design (but not content updates).  Which reminds me, I need to write a post on my new phone system and my new site.  That’s enough content to get me through the first week of this contest!

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