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What Is the Best Way to Integrate Email with Time Matters?

I am asked this question quite often.  I might be among the minority of CICs in this regard, but I never recommend Time Matters as the sole email client for my clients.

First off, I would attempt to use Time Matters Professional as a primary email client.  Eventually, even the volume of emails and attachments will overwhelm the system.  I believe this to be true even in firms that a very good at email housekeeping – and most are not.  While it is not quite as likely to develop problems, I also don’t recommend Time Matters Enterprise for the primary email client for a number of reasons.

First, it was simply not designed for it.  Time Matters has done an outstanding job of developing an email client but, let’s face it, there are other programs that were designed for email and do a better job.  Second, I like to keep my case management system free of junk and, unfortunately, a lot of the email received every day is just that.  Lastly, the integration between Time Matters 8 and Outlook does everything I want it to do, especially when I am using Time Matter Document Management.

For this reason, I recommend my clients use a system in which Outlook serves as the email client for incoming emails but also turn on the MAPI email link in Time Matters.  Emails arrive in Outlook and are sent to Time Matters via TM Connect along with their attachments, which are then saved via Time Matters Document Management before being deleted from the email.  Once I have used TM Connect, I can reply to the email from Time Matters (via the MAPI link) or Outlook, it is related to its attachments, and I can access it from the Email list or sublist.

This method uses the best of both programs.  Outlook can hold a large number of emails in the Inbox and the non-Matter related emails stay there rather than filling up the Time Matters Inbox.  Only the important emails end up in Time Matters and, once there, can take advantage of the case management features I need.

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