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Vista User Account Control and Time Matters

 Thanks to Corey Smith of Master the Business, who pointed me to TweakUAC, an app that places User Account Control into “Quiet” mode.  In a few short hours it has saved me from a bunch of annoying popups.  See my earlier post on pop-ups in GoToMeeting.

However, it does nothing to help me with the current headache I am experiencing with UAC.  This is a post I originally made to the CIC Solutions Forum.  It has gone unanswered for awhile, so I thought I would try posting it here. 

Vista security is driving me crazy these days.  I am running Time Matters 8 Enterprise on a Vista Ultimate machine with SQL Server 2005 Express.  The data is shared and accessed by a Win XP desktop and a Vista Business laptop.

First issue, I had to turn the Windows Firewall completely off on the host machine before the others could access the data.  They could see the folders but received an SQL error when trying to access the data.  No huge deal here, I have a firewall on my router, but it was a real pain until I figured it out.

The bigger issue I have now relates to User Account Control.  On the host machine, if UAC is turned ON and I try to run bills or create a PDF from the TM Document List, I receive a “printer not activated” error.  I can print the bills normally.  I can even create PDF by selecting Adobe PDF as my printer.  However, it does not create an automatic PDF copy of the invoices from Time Matters like it is supposed to do and which, of course, I want.  So, I turn UAC OFF – it’s only me accessing the machine anyway – and reboot.  Now, PDFs can be created but the TM QB server will not run until I turn UAC back on and reboot again.  That’s a lot of screwing around to create a bill.

Anyone else on the bleeding edge?  I am beginning to think I need to bite the bullet and get a server rather than my existing PtP setup but am hoping someone has an idea.

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2 Responses

  1. Corey Smith says:

    I know several folks who have opted to uninstall Vista and re-install XP for that very reason!

    One thing you can try is to go into the local system policy editor (Start | Run | gpedit.msc) and perhaps try some different settings under User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | MMS | Restricted/Permitted Snap Ins, or perhaps under Computer Configuration | Local Policies | User Rights Assignment | Create Permanent Shared Objects, or some other setting . . .

    I wonder if Time Matters “officially” supports Vista installs . . . I know that ProLaw does not at this time.

    (this is some advise from a friend of mine who works with ProLaw)

    For me personally, I think everyone should wait at least 12 more months before moving to Vista. I am about ready to move back to XP.

    I don’t know if it helps… but good luck with this.

  2. Nerino Petro says:


    Don’t try this unles ou are diligent about protecting your system with anti-virus and spyware tools.

    You can completely disable UAC using msconfig. Click the Windows Start icon, and type msconfig in the Start Search field.
    Press ENTER, which opens the System Configuration window.
    Select the Tools tab.
    Look for Disable UAC in the options list.
    Click Disable UAC
    Click the Launch button.
    A command prompt window will open when the process is done.
    Restart your system.
    UAC should now be completely turned off, not just running in quote mode.

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