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Vista: I’ve Been Either Really Lucky or Really Good

There is an old saying that sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.  I’ve read lots of anti-Vista posts recently including one from Ross Kodner from early January.  Ross dubs Vista My Own Personal Hell (MOPH).  After reading Ross’s post and other similar posts, I feel pretty lucky.

I have had a few ups and downs with Vista but overall my experience has been pretty decent.  Unlike many others, I have not had many hardware and software compatibility issues.  The one major one I had, with my Treo 700P, was worked out last summer.  Where I have had problems, both in my office and with clients, was when I tried to run Vista systems in a peer-to-peer network – espeically where any sort of database was involved.  I blame these problems on the many security “features” of Vista, which slammed the door shut every time I tried to access data on another system.

My solution was to purchase a true server for the office and let the network opertating system handle the security.  I installed a Small Business Server 2003 and turned off many of the Vista security features, especially User Account Control.  I have not had a Vista related problem since that day my server went live.

You can certainly criticize an operating system that requires a server to work in a business situation.  You can also criticize the incredibly confusing version options of Vista, especially when Business, Enterprise or Ultimate are the only realistic options.  Nevertheless, all along, I have been of the opinion that we are stuck with Vista for the next few years and that we had better figure out how to work with it.  I have been either really lucky or really good when it comes to Vista.  Lately, the horror stories I am hearing from others leads me to believe that it is mostly luck.

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