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View Menu Settings in Time Matters Records

Today, while I was doing a webinar for the Time Matters Virtual User Group, a question was asked about hiding several fields on the Billing Form.  Specifically, the user was interested in hiding the Date and Code fields at the top of the form.  In answering the question, I discussed a feature of Time Matters that many users don’t seem to be aware of.

All Time Matters records have a “View” Menu.  The View Menu allows you to show or hide different areas of the form.  For example, on the Billing Form, you have options to display or hide the Reminders Area, Notify Area, Record Information, Rate and Override Areas and User Areas.  The specific areas available for display vary from record type to record type.  Areas that are not checked do not appear on the Billing Form.  To answer the question for our webinar attendee, I suggested they uncheck Record Information as this would hide the Date, Time, Duration and Code area of the Billing Form.

Time Matters Billing Record View Menu

Time Matters Billing Record View Menu

It is important to understand that “View” selections do not actually remove the fields.  You are simply deciding not to view them when you look at a particular form.

Also, keep in mind that this is a user level setting.  Hiding an area for one person does not hide it for anyone else, so you will have to go around station to station if you want to make the change for everyone.  It is possible to copy the setting using the User Level Setup Copy function.  In this case, you would be copying Form Settings.  Just be aware that you might overwrite other Form level settings if you use that feature.

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