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Using Dragon in Traditional Author/Transcriptionist Setting

I have been seeing an interesting trend in dictation these days.  Digital dictation remains a topic of interest as I meet with my law firm clients and more and more firms are also seeing the value of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  The interesting thing is how they are using the two in combination.

I have always been a fan of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  My problem has always been that I have never been able to actually realize its promise of “you can talk faster than you can type.”  This is because I continually pause and make corrections – slowing me down to a speed not much faster than I already type.  Unfortunately, I have to make corrections because Dragon does not always recognize what a law school friend of mine affectionately referred to as my Wisconsin “cheddar” accent.

A few months ago, I tried something while struggling to complete a lengthy technology assessment for a client.  I dictated entire sections of the analysis into my handy Grundig Digta x420, then used Dragon to transcribe the entire section in one long process.  The result was a text file that, with minimal cleanup, I was able to paste directly into my Word document.

Since that time, I have been discussing with my clients the possibility of using digital dictation in combination with Dragon.  The attorney digitally dictates the entire document and sends the file to his or her transcriptionist.  Instead of transcribing the file via headset and foot pedal, the transcriptionist uses Dragon to transcribe the file.  When finished, the transcriptionist performs whatever cleanup and formatting is necessary to complete the document.

This is a very effective way to use these two technologies.  The attorney is more efficient because they simply dictate the document without having to make corrections while typing or dictating directly into Dragon.  The transcriptionist does not have to type the entire document.  They only have to make corrections to the document after Dragon transcribes it.

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