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User Level Corruption in Time Matters

A little over a month ago, I wrote a post on how I had copied user level settings back and forth to resolve an issue with my Alerts screen crashing.  See Time Matters Alerts GPF.  Interestingly, the same issue came up at a client today and I was able to use the same process to fix it.  Then, an hour later, another client called me with some strange display issues on their Daily Calendar.  Nothing I did seemed to make any difference.  The settings were right but just did not work.  At a loss, I decided to try the same fix that worked for Alerts, namely copying the user’s settings (less their calendar settings) to a new user, then copying everything back.  It worked.

It seems like there are some unusual user level corruption issues popping up.  Lucky for me, this process repairs the damaged setting without destroying all of the user’s other settings.

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