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Upgrading from a Small Hard Drive to a New Larger One

I spent much of the weekend attempting to upgrade my son’s computer hard drive.  The old one had only 80GB of space and he was out of space for the newer games he wanted to install.  Got a great deal on a 500GB Western Digital hard drive from NewEgg, then the fun began.

I did not want to add the new drive a secondary drive because it was faster and quieter than the old one.  I wanted to clone the old one and simply boot to the new one.  This used to be SO EASY.  In the old days, all you needed was Ghost.  You would simply put the new drive in as a slave, clone to it, then make it the master.  So, my first thought was to get a new copy of Ghost.  Ghost is now owned by Symantec.  I spent $70 on it only to find out it does not work.  It says it is supposed to work – but it just doesn’t.  I wasted a lot of time finding this out, not to mention the money.  Research of the issue I was having tells me that many, many others are experiencing the same issue with it.  After switching the drives, it boots to a blank desktop.  Notice that I have not linked to Ghost or Symantec?  Why would I point you to a product that does not work?

After doing some research, I found a product that does work.  I always like to send a shout out to products that are easy and do what they are supposed to do.  The product I found was EASEUS Disk-Copy.  It worked just like Ghost used to.  Boot to a CD, clone the disks, switch the system to the new disk as primary.  The only issue I encountered was it created a new partition the same size as the old smaller disk.  However, EASEUS also had a Partition Master tool that resized it for me right in Vista.  The whole process took maybe an hour.

Best of all, the home versions of these two products from EASEUS are free.  Kudos to the folks who made these great utilities.

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  1. Kris Krol says:

    Thank you, so much, for that post! I’m sure I’ll need this information in the future, since I have all these office computers and two for the home, as well.

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