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Time Matters Tip – Modifying Special Dates

Are you annoyed by Time Matters popups warning you that you have scheduled an appointment or a reminder for Flag Day or St. Patrick’s Day?  Yes, it might technically be a holiday but you are working and you would like Time Matters to leave you alone about it.  All of these holidays can be modified or deleted entirely from Time Matters.

To modify Special Dates, select the Calendar Menu, then Special Dates.  Once within the dialog you can add, change and delete any of these dates.  Among the settings are the ability to flag the Special Date as a Legal Holiday.  Unfortunately, if the Special Date is in the list, you cannot tell Time Matters to not warn you of it.  However, you can remove the date entirely.

Still need some warning that a day is a legal holiday because some of your clients may be closed that day?  Just add a recurring Event for 7:00 AM that day each year.  It will appear on the calendar to give you warning without prompting you every time anything is scheduled on it.

Blawger Survivor Update:  The group seems to be holding up very well.  Take a look at Cynthia Rowland’s post over at Leadership, Women, Lawyers on Thinking Outside the Box, or When Marketing Doesn’t Help.  She makes some great points about honing your skills rather than simply coming up with marketing tips.  The best marketing campaign in the world does not help when you are selling a product or service no one wants or not able to deliver on your sales promises.

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