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Time Matters Tip – Connecting Existing Matters to a New Form Style

Flight delayed.  Might as well post.

You finally have found the time to customize your Time Matters screens the way you have wanted to all along.  Now you have a dilemna.  You have lots of existing Matters using your old form styles.  Now what?  Do you simply change the classification codes?  Stop!  If you do this, you could lose data.  If any fields (and, more specifically, data types held in those fields) have changed, you could lose data.  This is because data in a form style will simply update to the new format of the field unless you are careful.

One simple way to handle this is to do nothing.  Use your new code and new form for new Matters.  Let your current and old Matters wrap up using your previous form style.  While not ideal, this saves time and avoids the pitfalls I have described above.

If that is not an option, follow this process:

  1. Print out the old form style
  2. Print out the new form style
  3. Carefully detail fields that have changed
  4. Carefully detail which data needs to be moved to make it work in the new form style
  5. Locate and tag all of the Matters that have to be updated
  6. Select Process, Change Records
  7. Select New Template
  8. Select “Move Data from one field to Another” then follow the prompts to tell Time Matters which data in the old form should be moved to work with the new form
  9. Select More Changes and continue to tell Time Matters which changes to make
  10. The last change should be to change the Code to your new one
  12. Select Finish

If you have done everything correctly, your data will now be in your new form.  If I am making this sound easy, it is because I have done this many, many times.  Therefore my last piece of advice is to call an expert if you don’t feel comfortable doing this.  Why waste your time and jeopardize your data when there is probably someone who can do this for you in a few minutes?

Blawger Survivor Update.  Tax Girl has an interesting post on how the IRS is offering a Voluntary Disclosure Program for UBS customers who are concerned they may come under scrutiny for money held at the Swiss banking giant.  UBS will turn over records for 4450 accounts out of the estimated 52,000 accounts held by U.S. citizens.  The dilemna?  If less than 10% of the accounts are being sent to the IRS, do you take the chance that you are part of the 90%.  I am glad I don’t have choose.

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