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Time Matters Tagging Tip

Here is a quick Time Matters tip related to tagging records.

Almost everyone knows that Ctrl-T tags all records in the list and Ctrl-U untags all records in the list.  However, many people do not know that Shift-T will start tagging at the highlighted record and continue down the list until you stop tagging.  It is the equivalent of the Shift Click in Windows that allows you to select all records between two points.  By the way, Shift-U will untag records starting at the highlighted record and continue down the list until you stop.

When would you use this?  Use it when your list or search result is large and you want only a small subset that can be sorted on using column sort.  Sort on the column, find the first record you want and tag away.  Or, in a recent example we came across, use it to select all items in the recycle bin that were deleted on a certain date.

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3 Responses

  1. Jeff Stouse says:


    in the last sentence to the first full paragraph – don’t you mean, Shift-U, not Ctrl-U, to untag records starting at the highlighted record?


  2. Jeff Krause says:


    Good catch. Yes, I meant Shift-U and have changed that in the original post.

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