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Time Matters Automatic Update

Time Matters 8 introduced an automatic update feature.  Overall, the feature has made it much easier to manage the installation of service releases but I have found that it has caused confusion for a number of my clients.  Here are a few recommendations and a procedure for installing updates.

You can check for updates by selecting Help, Updates, Check for Updates.  If there is an update available, a second window will appear displaying the update and asking you to click Next to start downloading.  The same thing will happen if Time Matters automatically checks and tells you that there is an update available.

Close all other applications before you click Next. 

As most of you know, Time Matters installs links to a number of other applications.  Failing to close these applications (Outlook, Word, etc.) can cause the links to function improperly after the update.  This has happened to a number of my clients.  After clicking Next, select “Download the updates, then install them.”  Allow Time Matters to download the update.

Follow the update prompts when the dowload is finished.  I suggest that you Install Network AutoUpdate.  This makes it easier to deploy the update to the rest of your network.

To deploy the file to rest of your network, tell each user to close all applications, then open Time Matters first.   This will install the update and any necessary links.


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