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Time Matters Archiving and Documents

“How do we archive documents to our Closed Files folder while using Time Matters?” This is a common question from firms that are new to Time Matters, or any other document management system. The question is asked because many firms that save their documents through Word/WordPerfect/Windows move their documents to a Closed folder once the matter is concluded. The reason is obvious. They want to unclutter their list of open files to make it easier to find documents.

With Time Matters or another document management system, the whole point is to make things easier. You should be able to find your documents easily no matter where they are and there is no reason to archive the old documents, especially if that means changing their physical location.

For starters, the document management system is designed to keep track of where your documents are and this is how you locate and retrieve documents. In theory, you should never even have to look at the documents in Windows. Who cares where they are when find them from the Time Matters Matter or Document Lists. Moving closed file documents serves no real purpose when you have a document management system.

Second, with Time Matters and most other systems, moving the documents will actually do more harm than good. Most document management systems link to the saved location, so moving the document will break the links. In Time Matters this means that the “FileName” field will point to the wrong location and you will see a big “?” when you look at the document record. This is not to say that you cannot use the Time Matters Archive feature. Just remember that this only places the Document Record (not the document) into a different Time Matters list. It does not physically move the file. This way, the document will no longer show up in the main Document List but will still be accessible to the system.

Old habits die hard, so if you insist on using Time Matters but moving closed documents on your server, there is a Time Matters feature that can help. Using the File Menu, Utilities, Document Management, Document Paths feature you can repoint the link in the File Name field. Use this with caution. You must precisely identify the part of the path that will change and what it will change to. PRECISELY! I most often find that people trying to do this identify too little of the path and end up moving too many documents because they have not narrowed it down enough.

All of my comments here presume that you are not saving your documents to the Files folder in Time Matters. I do not recommend this and believe you should save them to a separate document folder but that is a discussion for another post.

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