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Time Matters and Billing Matters Annual Maintenance Plans

Last week, LexisNexis announced a new annual maintenance and support plan for Time Matters and Billing Matters software. Previously, owners of these products could purchase annual support plans, making them eligible for technical support. The new plans include “maintenance,” which provides free version upgrades during the life of the contract.

In effect, signing up for maintenance and support right now gives users of Time Matters 8 and earlier an immediate upgrade to version 9. It also means that they will receive another upgrade to version 10, assuming that version is released within the next year. Of course, I have no way of knowing exactly when it will be released. However, I have been operating under the assumption that it will be released early or mid-year 2009.

The maintenance and support plans are very attractively priced and there is an additional discout if you sign up before November 30th. In fact, the plans are actually cheaper than it was to upgrade to version 9 a few weeks ago. If, as I am assuming, version 10 is released in the next year, you may end up with two upgrades for less than the price of one. The included tech support is a bonus.

My biggest question regarding the plans is the effect of allowing it to lapse. In other words, if you sign up for the plan and allow it to lapse after version 10 is released, what will it cost you to renew the plan. If you can allow it to lapse then use it to upgrade to verion 11 and/or 12 by simply renewing later at the maintenance plan price, this could be a REALLY good deal. However, even if you continue to renew the plan annually, you should come out ahead of upgrading to each new version and possibly come out ahead of upgrading to every other version.

LexisNexis has an FAQ document that answers questions about the maintenance and support plan. I will post that and link to it in this post at my first opportunity. In the meantime, contact your Lexis rep, local CIC or consultant if you have any questions. I would be happy to answer any questions as well during breaks at the Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference this week.

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