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Time Matters 9 SR1A Alerts GPF

No sooner had I installed the new service release for Time Matters 9 (SR1A) than I encountered an issue.  The Alerts screen, which I use and show on program open, would cause a GPF as soon as it was closed.  If you do not use Alerts, this might not make a difference but, if you do, this is a critical Time Matters function.  The issue seemed to be unique to my user login. 

If anyone else is encountering this issue, I can at least tell you what fixed it for me.  Move the Alerts screen over without closing it.  Normally, you cannot click anything without closing Alerts, but whatever is causing the error seems to make this possible.  Under Workstation Station Level Settings, make sure that a login is required.  Create a new user.  Give the new user a simple user name like NU for new user or FU for fix user.  FU seemed more appropriate based on my mood at the time. :)  Copy all User Level settings EXCEPT “General” from the affected user to the  new user.  This is going to copy and preserve all of the important user level settings but, because General is not being copied, it will not copy the “Show Alerts” function, which seemed to be broken only for the affected user.  Close the program and login with the new user.  Copy all settings INCLUDING new non-corrupted General settings back from the new user to the affected user.  Close and login with the original affected user.  The affected user should now work.

Now, if I can just figure how to stop the calendar from going back to a one day daily view every time I save an event!

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2 Responses

  1. Len Shober says:

    Jeff – good topics here, I am also on bleeding edge but using a server with Windows SBS 2003 and Enterprise version of Timematters. We could not go to Vista because of an incompatibility with SQL server that has since been fixed. I am using Vista at home and cannot imagine getting it working here in the office. Vista Ultimate is essential at home to access our domain server. But my real comment has to do with the use of a server. I love our server and we are a small 5 person firm. It is so much better than the old PTP days. The enterprise version of TM is faster more realiable. We also have SQL versions of Quickbooks and Filemaker. We use Exchange Server and we back up to the internet every night. Plenty of RAID on the server and redunancy galore. Easy to add and subtract new machines. And now servers are sooo much more affordable. We just saw a PowerSpec with a couple of terabytes of storage and dual Xeon processors and SBS 2003 for under $2000. Cant beat that! Learning curve on server is very high however and you may need some help – we did. We only bring in the big guns when we are stumped but that is fairly often. Any way, good luck, I just started my own blog, address is above – drop in and let me know what you think. Also using WordPress – very nice stuff. Just have to find time to actually write the articles. Len Shober

  2. Jeff Krause says:


    I have been meaning to write another post about Vista after recent postings by other bloggers. Reading back through this blog you can see my history with Vista. I had all kinds of trouble running it on a peer-to-peer setup but have had little or no trouble running a network of Vista Business and/or Ultimate machines on a Windows 2003 Small Business Server network. People can legitimately comment that no operating system should require a full server and that Microsoft made a serious mistake trying to offer Vista in so many different versions when Ultimate is really what everyone should have. I am simply saying that Vista works fine for me and I feel that I could setup a network for my clients based on Vista that would work.

    Welcome to blogging. Time to turn all of your thoughts into articles is the initial hurdle of blogging. Later, the problem is coming up with something fresh to write about. For me, topics seem to come in bunches.

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