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Time Matters 8 Service Release 2A Now Available

Time Matters has just released Service Release 2A for version 8 to the public.  The service release is available for download from Time Matters website.  Login to the Service Center to download it or go to Help, Program Updates, Check for Updates.

I highly recommend this update to all Time Matters 8 users.  This release addresses Time Matters stability with regard to hyperthreading and dual core processors.  These issues have been causing a lot of problems with Time Matters 8 on newer machines.

Need help installing?  Let me know.

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4 Responses

  1. Ben Wyz says:


    I have time matters 8 and have tried to install it onto my new computer running Vista. The program will not install. Any advice?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Jeff Krause says:


    Early versions of Time Matters 8 were not compatible with Vista. It only became compatible with Service Release 2. You may have that service release but your CD and the setup file that came with it is probably pre-SR2. I believe that you have to call TM and get a replacement CD with a more current build of version 8. However, I do not know if one is available now that version 9 has been out this long. I hope that helps.

    Jeff Krause

  3. Jerry says:

    any know problems with Microsoft Office 2007 and Time Matters 8.01

  4. Jeff Krause says:

    Yes and no. You must have Time Matters 8 Service Release 2 or higher to run on Vista. If you have Service Release 2 it will run. However, if your original install CD was created prior to Service Release 2, it may not install on Vista. In that case, you need to get a replacement CD from Time Matters.

    I will also point out that Time Matters and many other databases will not run very well on Vista if your network is peer-to-peer. This is because Vista security is so strong in that environment. If you have a network server, you should be fine beause the network will control the security.

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