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Time Matters 10 Released

This past week, Lexis began rolling out emails to their customers on Annual Maintenance Plans (AMP) announcing the availability of Time Matters version 10.

Time Matters 10 is the first new version of the program in two years.  It is not as rich in new features as some previous version but it offers some very significant enhancements.  Most important, version 10 is SQL only.  Essentially, Time Matters Professional has been eliminated in favor of Enterprise.  This means that everyone previously on Time Matters Professional will be getting an upgrade to Enterprise and receiving all of the benefits.  See http://www.krausepm.com/resources/articles/consider.shtml for an article I wrote a few years ago about these benefits.

In addition to being all SQL, Time Matters 10 offers automated data backups and a new feature called Desktop Extensions.  Desktop Extensions bring Time Matters data to your Windows desktop, allowing quick access to calendar, contacts and documents.

Personally, I think the installation of Time Matters 10 is going to give some users trouble.  My guess is that most of them have never installed a SQL database.  In addition, the automated installation routine will help some users but get others in trouble.  The install routine will make some choices that may or may not be correct for a given location and moving the SQL database, if the automated routine installs it in the wrong place, will be difficult for most end users.  For this reason, I recommend that users seek the assistance of a qualified CIC if they intend to upgrade to version 10 from a previous version of Time Matters Professional.

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