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Time Mastery for Lawyers Seminar Available Online

Yesterday, I received an email regarding a Teleseminar of Time Mastery for Lawyers.  I attended this seminar last year when Frank Sanitate was in Milwaukee.  I found it to be immensely helpful and I highly recommend it to everyone, not just lawyers, who bill their time.  By applying the ideas presented in this seminar, I became more productive and better at setting priorities.  I also credit this seminar for helping me recognize and take advantage of a number of new opportunities over the last year.

Of all the CLE presentations and conferences I have attended over the years, I found this one by Frank Sanitate to be one of the most useful and rewarding.  The only other seminar that I have retained and put to such use is the one I attended a number of years ago by Gary Kinder entitled “Getting the Judge to Say Yes.”

Both seminars are right up there with Time Matters Boot Camp. :)

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