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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Worldox GX4 – How to Create a Bookmark

Create a Bookmark in Worldox GX4

M00025025any times in a law firm you will want to access a specific matter or client in Worldox without having to navigate through files or go through a search template. The Worldox GX4 “Bookmark” feature allows you to record the path of a search result or matter folder to enable rapid access in the future.

Here is how you can create a Bookmark:

  1. Go to Worldox GX4 and pull up a search result or matter folder that you would like to save.
  2. Click on Bookmarks in the top main menu bar and select Add This List.
  3. Enter a name in the Bookmark Name field.
  4. If you want to pin your Bookmark on the Button Bar, check the box that says Pin to Button Bar.
  5. Click the Save button, and your new Bookmark button will appear on your Button Bar.
  6. The next time you click on the button, it will bring you to the exact same screen display that you saw when you first performed – and saved – that search.
  7. In addition, if you click on Bookmarks -> Create, you can create a one-click search for

(1.) a favorite files list by selecting “Favorite Files”;
(2.) a specific folder by selecting “Folder” or;
(3.) a frequently performed search (if you want the button to either do the search or display a Find Template) by selecting “Search”.




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