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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Worldox GX4 – Edit Profile Prompts to Move the Document

Worldox GX4 Tip – Edit Profile Prompts to Move the Document

WorldoxFor years, I trained clients that they needed to Move a document that was misfiled in Worldox rather than Edit Profile. If your Worldox documents saved to folders and subfolders, Edit Profile would make the document searchable under the correct profile but would not move the document into the correct folder. In Worldox, a document in the wrong folder is less of a problem than in a DIY document management system of directories and subdirectories but there are still negatives. For example, there are times when you might copy an entire folder of documents or perhaps synchronize with a cloud service like Citrix ShareFile. Documents in the wrong place will not get there.

Still, even for someone who knows this, there was a tendency to select Edit Profile rather than Move when a document needed to be corrected. I did it this morning for the first time since upgrading to GX4. This time Edit Profile also prompted me to move the document. I don’t remember hearing about this change but it is definitely a welcome one, at least for me. Thanks Worldox.




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