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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Tabs3 – How To Prepare A Client List

Prepare a Client List in Tabs3

When you want to prepare a list of your client information, Tabs3 offers two clear, quick and easy ways to prepare this report, specifically called the Client List. Here is how you can prepare a Client List, either detailed or a brief summary, for your clients:

  • Go to Tabs3 -> Reports -> Client Reports -> Client List
  • When you click on the Client tab, you can limit which clients are included by specifying client IDs, timekeepers, categories, billing frequencies, etc. If you want to include all of your clients, just leave the fields blank by the Client ID field.
  • Next, when you click on the Options tab, go to the Type section and select either (1.) the Detail option or (2.) the Summary option.
    1. The Detail Client List produces a greater amount of information about each client or matter, including address and contact information, assigned timekeepers, etc. Essentially, it carries a majority of the information from the Address and Setup tabs of Client Information and puts it on this type of Client List.
    2. The Summary Client List prints only one line per client or matter. Each line has only the basic information such as contact and phone number. It is preferable when you want a clear, concise list of clients with only the basic information for easy viewing.
  • In the Print section, you can further customize how you would like the report to print (e.g. If you only want the first matter to print for clients that have multiple matters, select the Single Matter per Client check box).
  • Finally, in the Include section, you also have the option to include secure clients (or exclusively secure clients) and/or clients that only have addresses tied directly to the client file, rather than linked to a contact.
  • When you have made your selections, click OK to print out your Client List report.


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