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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Tabs3 – How To Handle Client Refunds Due To Overpayments

How To Handle Client Refunds Due To Overpayments in Tabs3

version18Let’s say that your firm received a check from a client who wanted to pay his total final balance due for his case. However, after the check was processed with the bank, your paralegal discovers that the total amount on the check is $200.00 more than the total balance owed.

One option that you can use in Tabs3 in this situation is the Payment Adjustment program. This program makes handling a refund due to an overpayment fast and easy.

To do this:

  • Open up your Tabs3 Billing software.
  • Go to the Transactions tab on the Task Folder, then click on the Payment Adjustment program.
  • The HotBackup window will be displayed. Click yes to back up your data before continuing.
  • In the Client ID field, select the client.
  • In the Reference field, select the payment you want to refund.
  • Pick “Refund” for the Adjustment Type.
  • Specify the Date of Adjustment and the Refund Amount (ex. $200.00).
  • Click OK to make the adjustment.
  • You will be given the opportunity to add a “description only” transaction (i.e., Type 4) to print on the client’s statement.
  • After entering the information for the transaction, click OK to save the “description only” transaction. Otherwise, click Cancel if you do not want to add a “description only” transaction. Either way, the payment will be adjusted and you will be returned to the Payment Adjustment window.
  • Run a final statement that only includes this payment.
  • Update the statement.
  • You can enter an optional “description only” transaction (i.e., Type 4) to notify the client of the adjustment to the account.


You will now be able to issue a refund check of $200.00 to your client.

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