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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Tabs3 – Changing the Font Size in Rich Text Fields

Changing the Font Size in Rich Text Fields in Tabs3

Tabs3 had a great tip in their latest newsletter.

version18Did you know that you can change the font size in rich text fields using your keyboard and mouse? When reading data in multi-line rich text fields, you can quickly zoom in or out to make the text more readable using the following commands:

To enlarge the font size

  • Press Ctrl while scrolling up
  • Press Ctrl + “=”
  • Press Ctrl + “+”


To reduce the font size

  • Press Ctrl while scrolling down
  • Press Ctrl + “–”


To reset the font size to 100 percent

  • Press Ctrl + “0” (zero)

Keep in mind that changing the font size for one rich text field will change the font size for all rich text fields in each program for that user.

Source: http://newsletter.tabs3.com/quick-tip-changing-the-font-size-in-rich-text-fields/


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One Response

  1. Lisa Day says:

    Is there a way to change/enlarge the font size in the “Comments” sections only of Practice Master? Or even to make it bolded? I can read all the other fields fine, but the comments sections is difficult to see as I have bad eyes.
    Thank you.

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