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Thursday Tips and Tricks: PracticeMaster – Add Recurring Dates to Your Calendar

How to Add Recurring Dates to Your Calendar in PracticeMaster
00025027When you want to add multiple calendar records with the same information – but for different dates – PracticeMaster’s feature Recurring Dates allows you to accomplish this task in an easy, timely fashion. This feature is perfect when you need to enter dates for recurring events or tasks, such as office meetings and filing deadlines.

Here is how you can add repetitive dates to your calendar:

  1. Go to PracticeMaster -> Calendar tab on the Task Folder -> Calendar File icon.
  2. For this example, you will add an office meeting that occurs on the second Tuesday of every month.
  3. After the Calendar File icon is opened, click on the New button (blank white sheet of paper icon) on the toolbar to make a new calendar record.
  4. In the Calendar File window, click on the drop down arrow next to the “Due Date” field and select the second Tuesday of this month on the calendar.
  5. Fill in the rest of your information in the Calendar File window (e.g. comments, stop and start times, location), then click the Recurring Date button.
  6. In the Recurring Date window, you will see a calendar where you can pick and choose which dates you want linked to this event/task. For this example, you will select the second Tuesday of each of the next three months. You can accomplish this either (1.) manually or (2.) with the Formula button.
    (1.) Manually click on the three second-Tuesday-of-the-months in the Calendar area, and all three dates selected will pull into the Selected Dates area on the left.
    (2.) Click on the Formula button to open the Date Formula window, then click on the Monthly option in the Frequency section, then The second Tuesday of every 1 month(s) option in the Activity Repeats section, then enter “3” for the number of occurrences in the End After option, then click OK. Again, the three dates will pull into the Selected Dates area on the left.
  7. Click OK again to return to the Calendar File window.
  8. Click on the Save button (Floppy disk icon) on the toolbar and then click on the List tab. You can now view all three calendar records you just created!
  9. If you ever need to edit one of the records, you can double-click on the record to open it for changing. For example, you can change the day of the week from Tuesday to Wednesday. With the Keep Linked check box at the bottom of the screen, you also have the option to keep the records linked, or to split it into a separate calendar event.
  10. When you hit the Save button again, the Changing a Recurring Record window will appear, and provide you with options for how all of the repeating dates linked to this record will be affected. Select your preferred option and click OK to implement the changes.


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