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Thursday Tips and Tricks – Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Welcome to Thursday Tips and Tricks. Every Thursday we will share tips and tricks to make your life a little easier for different computer programs you use everyday.

Opening Outlook Calendar In A Separate WindowMicrosoftHomeBusiness

Are you tired of switching between Mail and Calendar in Outlook. Here is a tip that is useful in any case but especially so when you have multiple monitors.

From the main Outlook interface (i.e. Mail or Inbox), hold down the Shift key and right click on Calendar. One of your choices will be to Open in a New Window. Now you can drag the calendar window over to your second monitor and see both your email and calendar at the same time.

Bonus Tip! Drag And Drop To Create Outlook Calendar Item

If you follow our tip above, you can drag items from your Inbox to your Calendar. The will create a new appointment that inherits the subject and body of the email as the subject and body of the appointment. If you drag it to the appropriate time slot on your calendar all you have to do is set the end time.

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