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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel – AutoFill

AutoFill in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel features many different time saving tricks. One of the best and often overlooked is the “AutoFill” feature.

AutofillSolfectaAutoFill is great typing a series of repetitive things like dates (6/1/16, 6/2/16, 6/3/16) . Start the series and move the cursor on the screen to the lower right part of the last cell—the fill handle. When it turns into a plus sign (+), click and drag down to select all the cells you need to fill. The cells will fill in the pattern you started. This can also go up a column, or left or right on a row as well.

You can AutoFill without much of a pattern as well. Again, pick a cell or cells, move to the fill handle, click, and drag. You’ll get a menu of options. The more data you input at first, the bestt the AutoFill options.




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