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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Clio – Creating a Contact

Creating a contact with Clio

CCC-Logo1When first using Clio, you have the option to add two different types of Contacts: Person Contacts and Company Contacts. Here is how you can manually create a Contact in Clio:

  1. Click on the “Contacts” tab in Clio.
  2. Depending on whether you want to set up a company or an individual, click on “New Company” or “New Person,” respectively. If you choose “New Person,” you can associate an individual with a company – either by searching for companies in the “Company” field already in Clio, or by creating one in the “Company” field in addition to the linked individual.
  3. The only requirement field is the name of the individual or company.
  4. The following fields are optional: Company, Title of position in company, Custom fields (only users with administrative permissions can create), Email addresses, Phone numbers, Websites, Instant messengers, Physical addresses and LEDES Client IDs.
  5. In the “Contact Billing” field, you can select the Payment Profile to choose the payment terms you want directed to the client, and the Client Billing Rates if the client requires a different billing rate compared to that of a default one.
  6. Click on “Save New Person” or “Save New Company” when you are finished with entering your information.
  7. You have now created a Contact Card in Clio, and can go back to make any necessary changes by clicking on the “Edit” button in the “Contacts” tab.


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