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The New PracticeMaster Matter Manager

The new version of PracticeMaster adds a number of impressive new features.  One of these is the new Matter Manager.  The Matter Manager is a usability feature- making it easier to view and access matter data in PracticeMaster.

PracticeMaster v16 Matter Manager

The Matter Manager consists of a number of components.  The upper left of the screen displays the client and contact information for the Matter.  This includes address, phone and email information.  The lower left displays all contacts related to the Matter.  Of course, this information is hyper-linked, allowing you to open the contact, dial their phone number or email them.

The middle of the screen displays “All Activity.”  This pane displays fees, costs, calendar and journal items.  All of these are searchable and can be sorted.  Records can be opened directly from this display and filters allow you to display only the records you want to see.  PracticeMaster still has a “Client” record that allows you to view this information but only through a series of tabs once you open the client record.  There is nothing wrong with this and many other programs work in a similar way.  However, the Matter Manager is a much more intuitive and usable way to access this information.

Alternatively, the All Activity pane can be toggled to display the Billing Summary pane.  This displays current billing, accounts receivable and trust account information.  While not as detailed as what you can see in Tabs3, the Billing Summary pane is very useful when fielding the typical “How much time do you have entered on my file?” or “When was my last statement sent?” types of calls.

Like many other areas of PracticeMaster, users can customize the interface (most notably the toolbar) within the Matter Manager.  The toolbar in the far lower left of the Matter Manager can be customized for quick access to commonly used functions and users can also set custom list layouts, sorts and filters.

Finally, I am happy to see PracticeMaster begin to adopt a nomenclature similar to other practice management applications.  In the past, many people seemed confused when you described PracticeMaster files as “clients” even though they were the equivalent of what every other program called “matters.”  The Matter Manager makes more sense than referring to matters as clients.

The Matter Manager is just one of the great new features to be found in the new version of PracticeMaster.  The folks at Software Technology, Inc. should be very proud of their work on this release.

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