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The Blog is Back!

After a frustrating week, the ITP Blog is back. After two years, our webhosting company (now our former webhosting company) decided to change the way FTP worked on their servers. An unintended consequence of this was that our blog on Blogger.com no longer saved the posts correctly to our blog on the host’s servers. Don’t ask me for details beyond that. All I know is that it stopped working and tech support from our old host could not help us.

We ended up with a new hosting company and new blogging software. It just happens that our new host HostMySite, has built in support for WordPress. WordPress was the blogging tool I had my eye on even prior to last week’s issues. That pretty much sealed the deal.

Our new blog will have some addtional functionality that was not present in our old one including categories and a blog roll.

One problem I have not resolved is importing our old Blogger posts into WordPress. I followed the instructions but just cannot make it work. I have decided to just post a link to the old blog URL for now. If I get the import to work, great. If not, I will keep the link active.

Many thanks to Pat McKenna of MojoWeb for his assistance in getting us up and running again.

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