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Technolawyer BlawgWorld

Every week, TechnoLawyer sends out BlawgWorld, which the bill as “Your guide to what’s new and noteworthy on the legal web.”  I often forget what a great service TechnoLawyer is.  It provides a number of very good services including five different daily newsletters related to legal technology, including the aforementioned BlawgWorld.

I always skim the 50 or so blog topics included in the post but am often to busy to read them at the time.  Today, however, I did have a chance to review a few of them and found one that is worth sharing (actually more than one are worth sharing – but I only have time to share one).  Way back on March 16th, Matthew Homann at The (non)Billable Hour wrote a post entitled Ten Rules of Client Service.  A number of the tips in Matt’s post struck home as I have struggled over the last few months with growing pains and am trying to refocus on customer service.  It is a great read and one I suggest is worthwhile for anyone, including non-lawyers.

If you are not already a TechnoLawyer subscriber, visit www.technolawyer.com and join the 13,000+ members.

Blawger Survivor Update:  It looks like we only lost one Blawger last week.  Looks like there are only 10 of us left.  Today, I will send you over to The Nutmeg Lawyer for a post called Hate Tracking Time?  Chrometa Can Help.  Recently, a client of mine also mentioned Chrometa.  In short, it is an application that installs on your computer and records what activities were performed and how much time was spent doing each.  It makes it easy to understand where your time is being spent or to determine whether you have billed everything on any given day.

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  1. Brett Owens says:

    Jeff, thanks for the Chrometa mention, and glad to hear that your client mentioned our product to you as well.

    Would love to connect and learn more about KPM at your convenience also!

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