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Taking a Screenshot of your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy


Yesterday, a client asked me to create some training documentation regarding how to use the new Olympus Dictation App on their iPhone. I promised them that I would create something, then almost immediately realized that I had no idea how to screenshot my own Galaxy S4, much less the client’s iPhone 6.

Here is how you can do this.

On an iPhone 6 (and I believe most older iPhones) press the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously. You will hear a shutter sound and you have your screenshot.

Similarly, on the Samsung Galaxy, pressing Home and Sleep simultaneously will take a screenshot.

Personally, either my timing was off or the Home/Sleep combo does not work on my Galaxy S4. Alternatively, on Samsung devices at least, you can swipe the entire side of your hand across the screen to take a screenshot. That does work on my phone. I also assume but do not know that the same thing that works on my Samsung works on any Android device .  In addition, I suppose there is an app if you have difficulty taking a screen shot of your iPhone.

A quick Google search found these answers but, as it turns out, I could have just asked my kids.

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