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Posts Tagged: ‘Word’

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Type anywhere on the page

Write anywhere on a Microsoft Word Document Did you know you can use a document in Microsoft word similar to a white board? Open a word document and just double click anywhere on the page that you want to type and start typing. This little trick allows you to type anywhere on your word document.   […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Keyboard Shortcuts

Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word Like most Microsoft products, Word has many useful keyboard shortcuts that can help you save time and improve efficiency. Here are a few examples of some easy keyboard shortcuts you can use: Ctrl + F1: Display or hide the Ribbon. Ctrl + K: Insert a hyperlink for the selected text. […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Select a Sentence

Easily select and highlight a sentence in Microsoft Word. Did you know Microsoft Word has an easy way to select an entire sentence. Just click anywhere in the sentence while holding down the “Ctrl” button. This will highlight the entire sentence easily and quickly. Now you can copy, delete or do whatever you need to […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Create a Horizontal Line

Easily and Quickly create a horizontal line in Microsoft Word. Sometimes when you are creating a document in Microsoft Word, you need a full horizontal line on the page. Word has a quick and easy way to add a full width horizontal line to your document: Press the hyphen key “-“ three times and press […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Alternative Cut and Paste

Alternative Cut and Paste method in Microsoft Most people use the Cut-Paste keyboard short cut (ctrl-x, ctrl-v) or just use a mouse to move text from one location to another within a Word document but there’s an alternate way as well. Highlight any block of text, press F2 and then place the cursor at the […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Convert to Plain Text

Convert to Plain Text – Microsoft Word Have you ever copied some text from a web page or other document and it retains the formatting and from the original source? When you copy snippets from a web page or document into Word, all the styles and formatting are retained. A way to correct this is to […]

Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft Office 365?

A client recently inquired whether they should purchase Microsoft Home and Business 2013 or Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium. While this client primarily uses Word and Excel and may not currently need everything that comes with Office 365, here is why we still recommend it. Microsoft Home and Business 2013 $219.00 (For a single […]