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Posts Tagged: ‘Time Matters’

Anti-Virus Is Critical But So Are Anti-Virus Exclusions

There are lots of bad people online. We all know this and most of us try to counter them with anti-virus software. If you don’t have it, get it today. However, if you are running any kind of database on your network, anti-virus software can cause all sorts of problems. These problems show up in […]

The Power Of A CIC

In a recent TechnoRelease email, LexisNexis posted a case-study to emphasize the long-lasting positive effects that using a Certified Independent Consultant (CIC) can have for your firm. The firm noted the power of using a technologically advanced case-management system and sought out the expertise of a CIC– just like our Solfecta team offers– and implemented […]

Solfecta Hires Kristen M. Cleve as Client Experience Manager

It is with great pleasure to inform you that we have a new addition to the Solfecta family!  Kristen M. Cleve, of the Raleigh, NC area, has accepted her new role as our very own, Client Experience Manager. You have come to expect a certain level of commitment and dedication that the Solfecta team has […]

Essentials of Document Management Webinar

The materials for my recent Essentials of Document Management webinar are now posted and available for download from my website.  The materials include the webinar PowerPoint and the accompanying whitepaper.  If you would like these materials please visit the Presentations Download section of the Resources page at www.krausepm.com. Update July 23, 2012.  Thank you to […]

Does Your Office Run Itself While You Are Away?

Recently, someone who knows me as a legal technologist asked me to write an article on technology and trial techniques.  In what now seems like another lifetime, I was a litigator.  When I sat down to write the article, I found that I just could not do it.  Technology has changed everything about trial technique […]

View Menu Settings in Time Matters Records

Today, while I was doing a webinar for the Time Matters Virtual User Group, a question was asked about hiding several fields on the Billing Form.  Specifically, the user was interested in hiding the Date and Code fields at the top of the form.  In answering the question, I discussed a feature of Time Matters […]

Hiding Fields in Time Matters

Every Time Matters user knows that the program is extremely customizable.  However, many overlook one of the most important aspects of customization – what do you do with all of the fields you are not using? You can’t just leave these fields on your Form Styles with their factory settings as text fields labeled Custom13, […]

Law Technology News Article on Billing Matters Sunrise

Law Technology News published an article on their website today entitled Lexis Changes Course, Keeps Billing Matters Software.  In the article, Jonah Paransky, Vice President and General Manager of Practice Management explains some of the reasons for the decision. “We learn about our market as we go. At the time we believed that we could […]

LexisNexis Decides to Sunrise Billing Matters Billing

LexisNexis announced this morning that it has decided to “sunrise” the billing component of Billing Matters.  Previously, they had announced the sunset of the entire Billing Matters program at the end of 2013.  Today’s announcement means that they will continue with their plans to sunset the accounting portion of the program but retain and further […]

Changing Staff Initials in Time Matters

I have to run a search all the way back to the beginning of my blog to make sure that I had not written on this topic before. It seems to come up fairly often as it did today on the Wisconsin State Bar 411 listserv. The question is: How do you properly change the […]