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Posts Tagged: ‘Office 365’

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Type anywhere on the page

Write anywhere on a Microsoft Word Document Did you know you can use a document in Microsoft word similar to a white board? Open a word document and just double click anywhere on the page that you want to type and start typing. This little trick allows you to type anywhere on your word document.   […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft PowerPoint – Easily align images

Make sure all of your images are properly aligned in Microsoft PowerPoint Having properly aligned objects on your slide is the key to making it look polished and professional. You can manually try to line up your images but there is an easier and more precise way to align you images in PowerPoint. How to align […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Outlook – Keyboard Shortcuts Basic Navigation

Keyboard Shortcuts for Basic Navigation in Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook has several helpful Keyboard shortcuts that can help save you time and improve productivity. One set of keyboard shortcuts for Outlook lets you easily navigate between the navigation pane. Switch to Mail – CTRL+1 Switch to Calendar – CTRL+2 Switch to Contacts – CTRL+3 Switch […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft PowerPoint – Export to Video

Export your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to video Do you need to have a free running PowerPoint Presentation at a kiosk or on a monitor during a trade show or conference? Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to easily export your presentation with all the transitions and audio to a MP4 or Windows Media video file that you can play […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Select a Sentence

Easily select and highlight a sentence in Microsoft Word. Did you know Microsoft Word has an easy way to select an entire sentence. Just click anywhere in the sentence while holding down the “Ctrl” button. This will highlight the entire sentence easily and quickly. Now you can copy, delete or do whatever you need to […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel – Move from worksheet to worksheet

Move from worksheet to worksheet in Microsoft Excel Do you have a Microsoft Excel document with multiple worksheets. Did you know there is an easy way to move form one worksheet to another? Jump from worksheet to worksheet with Ctrl + PgDn and Ctrl + PgUp This easy keyboard shortcut for Microsoft excel allows you […]

Microsoft Introduces New PowerPoint Design Tools

The evolution of PowerPoint—introducing Designer and Morph Microsoft Office 2016 just hit the market two months ago and over the coming weeks Microsoft will be rolling out the next wave of monthly innovations for Office 365 subscribers. This month, PowerPoint leads the way with game changing tools that make it simple to build designer grade layouts […]

Skype for Business iOS app now available

If you run Microsoft Office 365 at your firm and own an Apple iPhone or iPad, Skype for Business is now available for IOS.  Microsoft’s “Skype for Business,” the communications service designed to replace the older tool Microsoft Lync, is rolling out publicly to iOS users today, the company announced this week. The app, now […]