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Posts Tagged: ‘Marketing’

Are you using problem solving in your firm’s marketing strategy?

I’m often asked, what is my most successful marketing example? Obviously a lot of variables go into this answer but it always comes back to one important and simple point: Are you answering a question and solving a problem in your content. Today, if people have questions, they go to google or ask their phone. […]

Facebook and Twitter: Profile Image Guide

What are the correct sizes for cover and profile pictures in Twitter and Facebook? Do you have a Facebook and Twitter profile for your firm? Are you utilizing your profile images correctly? Facebook and Twitter allow you to create a cover image and profile image to communicate your brand. It is important that you design […]

Is it time for a new website?

As 2015 comes to a close, you are probably starting to plan for the new year. Your website strategy is an important component of your marketing plan and you may ask yourself, is it time for a new website? This is a common question that comes up all the time and many different factors go […]

Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm (and Sticking to It) Webinar

Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm (and Sticking to It) Webinar Everyone wants more clients but there are so many ways to market today. Which ones are best for you? Learn to create a marketing plan based on what you do best, measure its effectiveness, make smart adjustments, and put your marketing on […]