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Advanced Document Management with MetaJure Webinar

Focus on Practicing Law, Not Tagging and Uploading Email and Documents. MetaJure and Solfecta believe that technology should work for you, not create more work. With Metajure Document Management, automatically find any document in your organization regardless of location when you type in a keyword—just like Google finds information on the Web That is the […]

Reverse Mentoring for Tech Skills

A busy first quarter has put me way behind on both my reading and blogging.  Yesterday, while trying to catch up, I came across an article from the February 2012 issue of Law Technology News by Brendan McKenna on reverse mentoring.  See Could Reverse Mentoring Fly at Law Firms? Traditionally, law firm mentoring involved a […]

Referral Sources in Time Matters

Tracking referral sources in Time Matters is very easy.  The program is so flexible that you can do this in any number of ways.  I’ll share how I do it (and how we do it in our IP Associates System of Practice Area Templates) in this post but you may want to use some other method […]

Holiday Mailing Lists in Time Matters

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about sending holiday cards or other greetings.  Every year, clients and Time Matters Boot Camp attendees ask me about the best way to do this with Time Matters.  Here is the system that I use. First, I configure a field on my Contact form to track […]

Document Right Click in Time Matters

Right click on a Document record in Time Matters for a menu of useful choices.