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Posts Tagged: ‘Blawger Survivor’

I Survived

Three weeks of posting everyday.  Whew!  I was pretty sure that I could do it but needed to prove it to myself.  Best of all, I was able to fit it into the rest of my day with very little effort. My strategy, for any aspiring blogger or one who is finding it difficult to […]

Benefits of More Frequent Blogging

I have been doing Blawger Survivor for just over a week.  In fact, today is the 7th post out of the fifteen required.  While I certainly enjoy a challenge, one of the reasons I wanted to do this was to see if more frequent posting would increase readership and page views.  The results for last […]

Creating an Email Retention Policy

Recently, two different clients have asked me to help them create an email retention policy.  In that my clients are law firms and law departments, they have been able to write the specific language themselves.  My assistance has been in helping them determine what the policy needs to include and how to formulate the actual […]

Word 2007 and Vista Updates

Another Vista update last night and, once again, Word 2007 is toast. This started about two months ago and has now happened three times.  My computer, which is left on pretty much 24/7 downloads updates over night and restarts itself.  When I login the next morning, everything seems to work fine.  I open Word 2007, […]

Blawger Survivor Roll Call

This being the first day of Blawger Survivor, I am going to plug each of the other players today.  At first I thought this was going to be a simple, short, cop-out post but with about a dozen other players, visiting and commenting on each site may make this the longest post I do this […]

Will Blawger Survivor Finally Force Me to Post More?

Starting next week, I will be taking part in Blawger Survivor as suggested by blawger Sean Carter.  The challenge is to write at least one post every weekday for the week ending August 14th, 21 and 28.  Each post must include at least one link to another surviving participant’s blog.  Survivors are those blawgers who have not […]