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Posts Tagged: ‘Billing Matters’

Law Technology News Article on Billing Matters Sunrise

Law Technology News published an article on their website today entitled Lexis Changes Course, Keeps Billing Matters Software.  In the article, Jonah Paransky, Vice President and General Manager of Practice Management explains some of the reasons for the decision. “We learn about our market as we go. At the time we believed that we could […]

LexisNexis Decides to Sunrise Billing Matters Billing

LexisNexis announced this morning that it has decided to “sunrise” the billing component of Billing Matters.  Previously, they had announced the sunset of the entire Billing Matters program at the end of 2013.  Today’s announcement means that they will continue with their plans to sunset the accounting portion of the program but retain and further […]

Updating Billing Matters for 2010 Mileage Rate

In case you were not aware, the IRS has changed the mileage rate for 2010 to .50 per mile.  Here is the process for changing (or adding) this rate to Billing Matters. I setup Mileage as an Expense item under Billing Codes.  File, Setup, Codes, Billing Codes.  If you don’t already have a mileage bill […]

The Future of Billing Matters

LexisNexis has started sending out emails to customers regarding the future of Billing Matters.  I certainly don’t want to add to the rumors and disinformation that are already out there on this subject, so let me break this section into two parts.  The first will be what I know, and the second will be what I […]

Fall 2009 Newsletter

I sent out the Fall 2009 edition of my Practice Management Newsletter today.  This issue contains information on Time Matters 10, the future of Billing Matters and other items of interest.  You can find the newsletter in its entirety at Fall 2009 KPM Newsletter.  You can sign up to receive the newsletter by completing the […]

Attaching Billing Matters Bills to Outlook Email

Attach bills created in Billing Matters to Outlook email.

Changing the Mileage Rate in Billing Matters

This post explains how to set the 2009 mileage rate in Billing Matters.

Time Matters and Billing Matters Annual Maintenance Plans

Last week, LexisNexis announced a new annual maintenance and support plan for Time Matters and Billing Matters software. Previously, owners of these products could purchase annual support plans, making them eligible for technical support. The new plans include “maintenance,” which provides free version upgrades during the life of the contract. In effect, signing up for […]

One Day Passes Available for PMAC in Chicago

LexisNexis is now offering a one-day pass for people who would like to attend the Practice Management Annual Conference in Chicago next month.  This is a great opportunity for those of you in Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana who would like to attend the conference but cannot get away for the full three days. […]

LexisNexis Practice Management Conference in Chicago

As many of you know, LexisNexis is having its first annual user conference in Chicago August 14-16.  CICs have an additional day on the 13th.  It promises to be a great time with a full slate of conference sessions throughout the day and evening events at the Shedd Aquarium as well as a dinner cruise. […]