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Suspicious File Warning!

I just received 4 emails all from different sources and all of them look like attachments that I would not trust to open.

Here is why:

1. I do not know who they came from nor have any record of this email address.
2. Even if “RE:” or “FW:” is in the subject line, it still does not mean this email is safe to open.
3. All the attachments are zip files.
4. This is what one of the attachments looked like after extraction. Notice how the last 3 letters are scr, this is the extension for Screen Saver file. It has an excel icon and .xls BUT it is NOT an excel sheet. This is meant to fool you into believing that it is a excel file. SCR is an executable file and can infect your computer.

5. The subject of the email showed “Unpaid taxes. Notice #109337″, this is an attempt to scare you and make you feel like you must open the file.

6. The body read:
“Good day! You have the penalties for estate tax. Detailed notice is in the attached ZIP-file.You should to revise it before May 28th 2014.Differently you’ll receive additional surcharge. All the best, Head of Iowa Department of Revenue.” (notice many of these emails contain lots of grammar issues)
7. Why would the Department of Revenue in Iowa contact me since I am not a resident of the state of Iowa nor do I have any business there?
8. Remember that today is Windows XP official end of life date and Microsoft will not be patching Windows XP anymore. This means that any hacker or virus writer knows that what they now exploit will never be patched– be wary of attachments.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us today.

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