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Sticky Keys in Time Matters Notes?

Here is a Time Matters tip that will make you scratch your head. 

I received an e-mail today from a client who thought she was going crazy.  She described unusual behavior that was occurring while she typed Time Matters notes.  Specifically, she described times when the Cap Lock key seemed to be pressed even though she did not see any indication of it and could not turn it off.  At other times, she could not type numbers. 

She is not crazy.  I have seen similar behavior.  In my case, I most commonly experience the Ctrl key being locked.  Of course, since Time Matters has many keyboard shortcuts that start with the Ctrl key, this can be a problem.  For example, Ctrl-Shift-T will create a new ToDo.  If Ctrl is locked and you try to type a sentence starting with the word “The,” you are going to add a ToDo because Time Matters sees the Shift-T as Ctrl-Shift-T.  I don’t know what causes it.  I cannot make it happen on queue.  All I know is that I see this from time to time and only while typing Time Matters notes.  Time Matters notes are rich text so they are different than other parts of the program.  I have always associated it with hitting Enter twice to start a new paragraph but, again, I cannot do it on queue. 

I DO know what fixes it.  There are actually two things.  A reboot will do it and I am sure this is what most people do.  However, in researching this issue it occurred to me that this behavior is very similar to Windows Sticky Keys being turned on.  Sticky Keys is a function that was designed for disabled persons to be able to hit key combos (like Ctrl-Alt-Delete) one key at a time.  The toggle for turning Sticky Keys on and off is to hit the Shift key 5 times in succession.  Guess what?  Hitting Shift five times also stops this from happening in Time Matters notes.  I have no idea whether this is on any known issue list.  It might even have been addressed in Time Matters 10.  But, if it is happening to you, now you know how to fix it.

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