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Statement Comments in Tabs3

Here is a quick little Tabs3 tip.  I probably should have known this but, for some reason, I don’t think it has ever come up.  Thanks to Bruce Dubin from my team who tracked this feature down.

When creating a fee entry in Tabs3, you can create “statement comment” text.  You enter statement comment mode by selecting Ctrl-H on your keyboard or by highlighting the text you want to make a comment, then selecting Ctrl-H or right-clicking.

Statement comment text appears as red text on the fee entry and as strikethrough on Detailed Work-in-Process Report but does not appear at all on the statement.  If you run WIP Reports as pre-bills, it is very useful for reminders about an entry or for an associate to add a comment for a reviewing partner.  In our case, we use it for comments related to how we resolved a tech issue or why something took as long as it did.

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