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Setting Up Your Letterhead in Time Matters

Wow, it has been a busy December.  Very little time to post.  Today, however, we have about 10 inches of snow here in southeastern Wisconsin and everything is shut down.  At least now I have time to write a post.

I was recently asked how a firm can setup its letterhead in Time Matters.  The answer depends on exactly how you are going to create the documents.  If you are going to automate you documents and generate them from Time Matters, you want to save your letterhead to the Time Matters Templates folder.  This is found in the same folder as your Time Matters data and will be someplace like \serverTMW9Edatafilestemplates.  Simply save a document with your letterhead only to this folder.  You don’t have to save it as a template or do anything fancy.  Just a Word or WordPerfect document with your letterhead.

Once in this folder, the letterhead template is available whenever you create a Time Matters document from within Time Matters.  All of your templates will appear at the lower left.  Simply select the Template button at the bottom of the screen and select Create on the right to open the template in its native application.  See the example below.

Time Matters Document Form with Template Selected
Time Matters Document Form with Template Selected

If you want your letterhead template to come up in Word without having to open it in Time Matters, that is a question for another post.

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