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Same Profile As in Worldox

Here is a quick tip on a Worldox feature you may have overlooked.

I often create a Word document, save it to Worldox, then use the Acrobat plugin for Word to create a PDF.  When I do that, a new Worldox profile screen pops up.  Invariably, the profile is exactly the same for the PDF so I fill it in and hit save.

This only takes a few seconds but I do this a lot and, some time ago, I realized there is a shortcut – Same Profile As.  Clicking Same Profile As brings up a Worldox list of my Favorites.  The document I just saved is almost always right at the top.  I select the document and am prompted to use the Description, Full Profile, or Save As New Version.  I pick Full Profile and my PDF is saved to same profile as the Word document it was created from.

This saves me ten seconds or so every time I have to do this, which is a lot.  It is also more accurate than retyping the profile each time because there is no chance that I will mistype the client or matter number.

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