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Rich Text in Time Matters Notes

Here is a tip from the “You Learn Something New Every Day” category.

Today I was troubleshooting a situation in which a client had somehow managed to double space one of their Time Matters Notes.  We suspect that he had created then deleted a bulleted list or possibly pasted some double spaced text into the Note.  Whatever the cause, we could not reset the Note to single spacing as no line spacing issue control exists on the Note toolbar.  Knowing that Time Matters Notes are Rich Text, I decided to do a little research.

I always knew that certain keystrokes called up Rich Text commands but I never really moved beyond the basics of Ctrl-B for bold, etc.  It turns out that there is a whole group of these commands that work in WordPad and, in many cases, Time Matters Notes.

Here is a list of commands I have tried and confirmed to work in Time Matters Notes:

Ctrl – =


Ctrl – Shift – =


Ctrl – 1

Single Line Spacing (See Above!)

Ctrl – 2

Double Line Spacing

Ctrl – 5

1.5 Line Spacing


Toggles Insert/Overwrite Mode

Ctrl – Backspace

Delete Previous Word

Ctrl – ‘

Grave Accent on Next Letter Typed

Ctrl – `

Acute Accent on Next Letter Typed

Ctrl – ;

Umlaut on Next Letter Typed

Whatever you do, do not try Ctrl-Shift-L.  I wish this one worked as it is a way to toggle between different bullet list styles.  Unfortunately, Ctrl-Shift-“Letter” is the Time Matters combination for adding new records.  Ctrl-Shift-L does not add a specific record type but I have confirmed that it confuses the program enough to cause it to close. <g>

Hope one of those comes in handy for you someday and if you come across any others, let me know.

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  1. Ben Northway says:

    As a matter of fact, this exact ‘issue’ puzzled me recently. I couldn’t figure out why a certain note had inconsistent line spacing — I bet this was the reason. Thanks for the tip, Jeff.

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