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Reverse Mentoring for Tech Skills

A busy first quarter has put me way behind on both my reading and blogging.  Yesterday, while trying to catch up, I came across an article from the February 2012 issue of Law Technology News by Brendan McKenna on reverse mentoring.  See Could Reverse Mentoring Fly at Law Firms?

Traditionally, law firm mentoring involved a more experienced partner taking a young associate under their wing and helping them learn both the law and how to practice law.  Reverse mentoring is where the young associate returns the favor by teaching older attorneys about today’s technology.  I see reverse mentoring going on all the time.  In fact, I engaged in it years ago when I was in practice.

Reverse mentoring makes perfect sense and it probably happens within your firm right now.  It will work even better if you formalize the process and set aside time every week or month for it.  I should also point out that firm management should make some allowance for the time spent mentoring and not billing.  If you don’t, your young associates won’t be very excited about doing it.

Need some ideas to get started?  Online legal research, mobility apps, and working remote are good places to start.  Once you start, you will find other topics.

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