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Reveal Formatting in Word 2007

I always found Reveal Formatting a useful function in Word 2003.  I used to access it from the Task Pane and found it an easy way to determine what formatting was in play in any given text in a Word Document.  The Task Pane is no longer a featured part of Word 2007, and I could never remember how to access it.  After hunting for it in training today, I tried a few things and I can now suggest at least three ways to access this feature.

Shift-F1 will access Reveal Formatting in the traditional Task Pane view.

You can add it to your Quick Access Toolbar.  Simply pull down the arrow and select More Commands.  When the dialog opens select All Commands and locate the Reveal Formatting command.  Add it to the toolbar.

The most complicated way to find this is through the Style Inspector.  Open Manage Styles and select the Style Inspector.  When the Style Inspector is open, Reveal Formatting is one of the available functions.

If you missed this function like I did, try one of these methods to access it.  If you have never taken a look at it, check it out.  It is a handy way to see what formatting is in effect and has links to modify the formatting.

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