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Repairing Related Records in Time Matters Professional

In Time Matters, the RelateA table controls automatic relationships between records.  When you complete the regarding line, Time Matters writes a record to this table.  If the table becomes corrupt, relationships between records will not display properly.  The primary symptom of this corruption is notes, documents, billing or other records showing up correctly when viewed in their respective tables but not showing up in the power views or sublists when you look at the Matter or Contact they belong to.  However, most people look for records by Matter, so when this happens, the records seem to have vanished.  At that point, panic sets in.

I bring this up because I have had to repair this for clients several times in the last few weeks.  Sometimes these issues run in streaks.  Repairing the problem is actually very easy and takes only ten or fifteen minutes.  Time Matters will recreate this file whenever it cannot be found.  All you have to do is rename the corrupt file and restart Time Matters.  Running a related records index will rebuild the entire file.

Note:  While this is an easy fix, do a backup before you try this and call tech support or a CIC if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. 

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