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Remote Client Access by Jeff Stouse

This post originally appeared on the new blog of my friend and colleague Jeff Stouse of Excedere Training and Consulting in Indianapolis.

Remote Client Access (RCA) has been a concept that many law firms have wanted to provide (given that the access is both controlled and secure) for a long time. How many times has an attorney wanted to say to a persistently “needy” client: “As soon as we hear something, we update your file in our system. That update is available to you via the Internet. Simply login to our site and view the update. There’s no need to call, as the information you would receive from us over the phone will also be available online.”

In other words, don’t call us – look it up on the Internet. While this scenario may not work in all situations, there are many times when the client can be assured that progress/effort is being made by simply looking at the data in the legal practice management system. This approach can also be improved by creating client progress data that is specifically designed to show that progress. For example, short documents/notes can be created with a specific category/code so that when clients access their matter data, they need to see only the one source of data to know what is going on.

Many firms have desired this functionality but have been hesitant to use it (if they owned any of the few programs that have offered it) due to concerns over the ease of setup, security of data and general access support issues. With the new group of web-based clients and one premise-based third party product, access to a client’s data has become an option that sometimes eliminates all of the above.

… Read more of Jeff Stouse’s post at Excedere.com

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