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Referral Sources in Time Matters

Tracking referral sources in Time Matters is very easy.  The program is so flexible that you can do this in any number of ways.  I’ll share how I do it (and how we do it in our IP Associates System of Practice Area Templates) in this post but you may want to use some other method entirely or a variation of this method.

The first thing you need to do is configure a field (actually two) to track referral information.  I setup two fields, one called RefSource and one called Referrer.  I usually do this on the Matter form but, in some firms, it is on the Contact form and, in others, on both.  RefSource is a Text fields with a customized drop down list.  This is done through the Edit Field Entry Choices selection when you customize the field.  A more sophisticated way is to use a text file for your choices.  For more information on how to do that, see How to Create a Custom Lookup List.  Your custom list should contain the different ways clients hear about or locate your firm (e.g. Word of Mouth, Google Search, Attorney Referral, Martindale Listing, Radio Ad (or a specific ad such as WISN Radio Ad).  These choices may change over time as you use different methods to attract clients.

Next, create another Text field right next to the first one.  Make this field a Lookup to the Contact list.  This field is used when a prospect tells you that they were referred by Attorney X or Current Client Y.  Fill this field in where appropriate.

When finished, your fields will look something like this.

Time Matters Referral Info Fields

Time Matters Referral Info Fields

Now that you are tracking this information, you can use Time Matters searches, Quick Tabs and other featuers to locate and report on the data.  Of course, the real key to making a system like this successful is to ask every prospective client how they heard about your firm.  People are always willing to tell you this, I don’t think I have ever had someone refuse.

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